My Summary of the “Smileful-Meditation-Batch”

It was different than I had expected. I can’t really say what I expected, maybe some intense group-meditation? I really cannot say. What I experienced was 70-100(?) super friendly local people, singing in and about love and peace, applauding a remarkable smart and obviously very well educated Guru Gede Prama and very few sleep. Oh… Continue reading My Summary of the “Smileful-Meditation-Batch”

Inhale / Exhale

Meditation became much more important to me, than I ever thought. Not just my relevant two healers, but also Prof. Dr. George Jelinek¬†and Dr. Joe Dispenza (“You are the Placebo”) are all on the same track and I think they are absolutely right. My Conclusions so far I realized, as I said here earlier, that… Continue reading Inhale / Exhale