My Fears

I realized that many of my MS-symptoms are by my mostly sublime fears or traumas buried deep somewhere inside of me. Some of these fears were caused in my childhood, some of them later.

For example I think my trouble with walking are on the first view a result of my poor balance, but where does that come from? I think its caused by a sublime fear of falling.

What was there first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Hm. I got no idea. Maybe my balance was rather poor all my life and this damaged balance was worsened more and more by the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis and its widely known effects on the balance.

Again there are no simple Answers

We as humans love simple answers. We love to take a specific pill for or against something and cure or at least improve the specific disease over night. Everybody suffering from the terrible disease of MS will confirm you this approach doesn’t work with Multiple Sclerosis.

Lets get back on the fear-issue, dude!

What to do about ones sublimal fears? Again there are no simple answers unfortunately. If you ask Google what to do against sublimal fears like I did (despite asking Google is generally a rather bad idea, haha) you might get to answers which could look familiar if you are a frequent reader of this blog.

You will read about positive effects of meditation and some moving for example.

Just a question of Time / Saya banyak Sakit (I am very sick)

I am sick. I guess the daughter of my preferred lunch place infected me and now I got the disease that struck her down for almost a week. In Europe we would probably call it just a severe cold, but here in the heat and in combination with my Multiple Sclerosis it feels much worse.

Now what to do about it?

I don’t know, but my choices are limited and so I decided for the classical way of sleeping a lot and drinking lots of water. Fortunately the food-delivery-service makes it rather easy to get food, unfortunately its not easy to get food like a simple salad, which my body is longing for.

One week in bed, what’s the Problem with it?

The main problem for me is that I can’t do swimming nor meditation. For both I am really longing. I hope in maybe two days I will be able to pick up my usual rhythm again.