Why I prefer to call my MS-Spasms “RLS”

In 97% of all evenings the muscles in my legs decide to go their own way. Doctors (and me!) called this “Spasms“, a classical symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. Two things made me rethink this expression/classification for my case and name this infamous physical behavior RLS, the „Restless Legs Syndrome“. My first Reason The maybe biggest… Continue reading Why I prefer to call my MS-Spasms “RLS”

MS-Theories Pt. 3

Now I  am living in Bali (“in Asia”) since 15th of march. Milk- and Gluten-free (important lessons with Böttcher and Jelinek) and more or less without meat (every other week some chicken) or industrial produced food. I am not trusting in any Pharma-related issues or products anymore, only see a doctor in case of emergency… Continue reading MS-Theories Pt. 3