Learning to walk again with MS

Its hard and definitely not easy, but I keep on learning. This morning I tried to “run” again and realized very quick (to be more specific “at the first step”) my body seems to have forgotten how running works. So I decided to give me and my body more time. Its all baby-steps, you know?… Continue reading Learning to walk again with MS

Sweet Pain

Is it true? A very friendly and quite young man has putten around 25 needles in my body, told me to relax and wait 35 minutes. Then he left the “cabin”. Around me just a language I roughly identified as Chinese and some rather unidentifiable sounds. Afterwards an assistant(?) removed the needles and I paid… Continue reading Sweet Pain

Experiencing Sumba

Sumba is different to Bali. The climate is more rough, meaning its less humid, hotter in daytime and colder in the night. Maybe its the climate that also affect the people here. A darker skin, a slightly more aboriginal look and definitely less western people. In fact I haven’t seen one yet.