Multiple Sclerosis Patients are all highly sensitive People

Take me as an example. From time to time I realize how sensitive I really am. I am definitely hyper-sensitive. I am sensitive on interactions with other people, I am sensitive on nutrition, I am mega-sensitive on any pharmaceutical product and on and on.

Was it the even the reason for my MS?

Or did I become so sensitive because of my condition? What was there first, the chicken or the egg?

I am not the only one

Basically every other MS-patient I got to know in the years since I got diagnosed 2012 (and over the years these were quite some) had a similar attitude.

The freakin Mindset

At least I consider the mindset to be extremely important for me. Do u really want to be healthy again? Are you kinda strong enough? Are you ready to start going the long way? Are you ready to break up with the unhealthy habits that u have built up? Are you ready to change?

How is your answer on all these questions?

Can you answer all these questions with a smile and a loud “yes”?

My Fears

I realized that many of my MS-symptoms are by my mostly sublime fears or traumas buried deep somewhere inside of me. Some of these fears were caused in my childhood, some of them later.

For example I think my trouble with walking are on the first view a result of my poor balance, but where does that come from? I think its caused by a sublime fear of falling.

What was there first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Hm. I got no idea. Maybe my balance was rather poor all my life and this damaged balance was worsened more and more by the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis and its widely known effects on the balance.

Again there are no simple Answers

We as humans love simple answers. We love to take a specific pill for or against something and cure or at least improve the specific disease over night. Everybody suffering from the terrible disease of MS will confirm you this approach doesn’t work with Multiple Sclerosis.

Lets get back on the fear-issue, dude!

What to do about ones sublimal fears? Again there are no simple answers unfortunately. If you ask Google what to do against sublimal fears like I did (despite asking Google is generally a rather bad idea, haha) you might get to answers which could look familiar if you are a frequent reader of this blog.

You will read about positive effects of meditation and some moving for example.

Breaking News

I just heard about it on radio and to me and my theories its breaking news: Canada started treating Alzheimer-Patients by sending them to a museum!

EDIT: I am referring to the fact that modern western medicine slightly starts to understand and accept the huge influence of the mind on physical health.

Multiple Sclerosis – my Insomnia

My insomnia is killing me. It dries out my brain over that long time. My body feels very tired, but my head is restless and I can’t get no sleep. In my theory the lack of sleep is affecting my physical condition a lot.

Did you try sleeping pills?

Yes, quite many. Zopiclone makes me sleep fast, but it makes one addicted, very tired the next day and the sleep is not comparable to regular sleep at all.

Did you try herbal sleeping medicine?

Everything I could get my hands on. Sometimes it helped when I took it the first time, but my mind is a bitch and it got used to it very fast.

So what’s the essence of it all?

Personally I think sleep and potential healing have to come from inside!