Just a question of Time / Saya banyak Sakit (I am very sick)

I am sick. I guess the daughter of my preferred lunch place infected me and now I got the disease that struck her down for almost a week. In Europe we would probably call it just a severe cold, but here in the heat and in combination with my Multiple Sclerosis it feels much worse.

Now what to do about it?

I don’t know, but my choices are limited and so I decided for the classical way of sleeping a lot and drinking lots of water. Fortunately the food-delivery-service makes it rather easy to get food, unfortunately its not easy to get food like a simple salad, which my body is longing for.

One week in bed, what’s the Problem with it?

The main problem for me is that I can’t do swimming nor meditation. For both I am really longing. I hope in maybe two days I will be able to pick up my usual rhythm again.

Everything is leading together

Balinese healers speak of “Tekanan Batin” and that the brain is like a computer, which needs to be set back on level 0, back to the healthy state we were born with.

Guru Gede Prama´s “Meditation Batch” is focussed on compassion, not just for others, but also for oneself, I heard of sheets about compassion handed out to their patients by Swedish psychotherapists and on and on…

Basically all are saying the same

The key to healing lies within every Multiple Sclerosis-patient him- or herself. Also my favorite (and healed) Australian Professor Dr. George jelinek and German icon (and healed) Sven Böttcher are pointing in the same direction.

What about the other healing-Ingredients?

Sports and nutrition are very important to help the damaged body getting back on track, but only in combination with “massages for the soul“, they are working!

My Summary of the “Smileful-Meditation-Batch”

It was different than I had expected. I can’t really say what I expected, maybe some intense group-meditation? I really cannot say.

What I experienced was 70-100(?) super friendly local people, singing in and about love and peace, applauding a remarkable smart and obviously very well educated Guru Gede Prama and very few sleep.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot

Some group-meditation-sessions happened as well, but from those I just learned that I prefer to meditate by myself. Time may have made become the “I meditate alone, in preferably a quiet room”-type of person, but that’s up to everyone him- or herself and tastes may vary.

Words from the Guru

Gede Prama spoke and speaks 97% in Bahasa, way above my level. Luckily the great “organization-team” provided me a great simultan-(do you say that in English? Pleases correct me, if I am wrong!) translator, who not just translated every single of the Gurus words, but often also their meaning. 

“few sleep”? How do you mean?

Woken gently at 4am in the morning reminded me of my terrible sleep-disorder and my freakin insomnia. In the end I didn’t get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep that weekend, but who knows what it might be good for. Things don’t happen without a meaning.

Benefits of a sleepless Weekend

Still its too early for me to speak of significant benefits, but my mood-level went up a lot! Maybe the better mood also affects my physical condition, but that’s just a theory. In general my intense level of fatigue went down as much down as my mood-level went up. 

I will keep you updated on any eventual longterm-benefits!

Would I recommend it?

Yes, yes and yes! This was a really remarkable experience and I already registered for the next event at November in Singaraja.