Rice and Excuses

It is true, asian and south-east asian people are eating a lot of rice. It isn’t just a rumor and it is no mystery, but asian people are eating really a lot of it. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, Nasi a.k.a. Rice are a substantial part of every meal.

That is nothing new to anybody! 

Right, but the sheer amount of rice-consumption still keeps surprising me. What contains rice or is made of rice, is per se good. You will find a rice-cooker in even the smallest asian kitchen, maybe it is even the only cooking-device. No knife, just a big spoon and maybe a fork

Green food like salad are rather rare and unconventional.

What’s with the Excuses you mentioned in the Headline?

Local people like to excuse themselves – for everything. They ask for your pardon when they don’t understand you, they ask for pardon when they don’t speak your language or english, they bow down when they are crossing your point-of-view (you don’t need to look at something unconventional for that) and they ask for forgiving when the pool-water is cold or if its raining.

My neighbors: Dayak from the tribe of Ngaju

Todays lesson was only partly about my journey or the reasons behind it, today I learned a bit more about my (non-english-speaking) neighbors from Kalimantan. Communication is a bit hard, but I wanted to know more about them and my next destination Palangkaraya.

What I learned

Let me give you a small and simplified example on how hard it was.

What tribe are you?
But there are many Dayak-ppl, no?
What kind of Dayak are you?
I don’t understand.
Dayak are many different ppl, no?
What tribe are you?

You think you can find a talented traditional healer there for me?               What is your disease again?                                
I am having several problems. problems sleeping, problems walking, problems with stress.                                      
Yes, we can find somebody, my mother is looking.


So they are Ngaju -People and several times they told me I don’t need to be afraid of anything in Palangkaraya, I should consider myself part of their family and that they wouldn’t accept any money from me.

Bali is so much more than just a subtropical Holiday-Island

Last weekends “Smileful-Meditation-Batch” confirmed me and opened my eyes a lot, but more on that later. A “side-effect” of it was also that I had hung out with 70(?)-100(?) local people (maybe 96% Balinese, 4% from other parts of Indonesia) which improved, if not even boosted my knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia a lot.

Opening my eyes like a baby-bird

Not just my Bahasa improved, maybe even more my understanding of some parts of the Indonesian culture climbed up the ladder and I feel like slowly opening my eyes. I understood and realized that general helpfulness is really important to local people and I (had to) learn, that a “guest” (of course I can only speak from my foreigner perspective) is never(!!!) left alone.

Not even a minute. Does this sound hard to you? It was definitely hard for me, being quite alone for 6 months now here in Denpasar.

Bali is so much more than just a subtropical Holiday-Island

MS – Healing-Suggestions by local People Pt. I

During my time being in Bali I realized that many, if not even all local people, are interested in my healing or at least in me getting back to a more healthy state again and I really appreciate that.

Many Roads leading to Rome

Almost everybody has a friend, family-member or knows somebody who had similar problems as I do. In most cases told me, the sick persons made it to get healthy again.

In the time since March 2018, I also got some more… well… individual suggestions that don´t necessarily all make sense to me (yet?). Some of them are not complete nonsense though! Here is a list of my

  1. Monkey-Meat

The man collecting the trash out on the small streets here in Renon, talked to my neighbor once when I was walking by with my stick and I sat down with them. The man, appearing to be a more simple, but very friendly character, didn´t speak Bahasa Ingris (or he was to „malu“), but my neighbor translated. The way his friend got healthy again, was eating monkey meat which I could get on local markets. I didn’t dare to follow that advice…

2. The healing Sandals

My friend Oki went shopping once and brought me some healing sandals. They are based on reflexology rand are made to address almost all inner parts of the body. Not a bad idea, but these sandals are hurting so hard, I couldn´t walk more than, lets say 2m in them.

Healing Sandals

3. The Magic-Stones on Renon Square

Based on reflexology as well, walking on these stones regularly has healed many people suffering from walking-/balance-problems like me. I am a bit scared of the pain, that is surely a big part of the „magic“ waiting there for me and haven´t tried it yet.