Inhale / Exhale

Meditation became much more important to me, than I ever thought. Not just my relevant two healers, but also Prof. Dr. George Jelinek and Dr. Joe Dispenza (“You are the Placebo”) are all on the same track and I think they are absolutely right. My Conclusions so far I realized, as I said here earlier, that… Continue reading Inhale / Exhale

I don’t know anything about Bali

Honestly, I am here since 5 months now and even though I might know a bit more than the regular-3weeks-tourist, I feel still on a baby-level. This beautiful island is so much deeper in its ancient traditions, peoples beliefs are so strong, despite all the modern ways of distraction that came in, it amazes me… Continue reading I don’t know anything about Bali

„Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“

My healer is a smart man. Before and after each treatment we are sitting down with each other for several minutes and… talk! Meanwhile I even think we became kind of friends or at least good conversation-buddys. He tells me about his heritage, his family and origin (Bongancino, Central Bali), I tell him about me,… Continue reading „Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“