Experiencing Sumba

Sumba is different to Bali. The climate is more rough, meaning its less humid, hotter in daytime and colder in the night. Maybe its the climate that also affect the people here. A darker skin, a slightly more aboriginal look and definitely less western people. In fact I haven’t seen one yet.

Again: I can see the way

MS isn´t expainable. Nobody knows where its coming from, nobody knows where it may lead to, nobody knows how hard he or she will suffer from it. Maybe the biggest and most important enlightenment I learned in that year in Bali now, is that its affected hugely by ones mindset. So how do I change… Continue reading Again: I can see the way

No Conspiracy-Bullshit Pt. III

Things started to get a bit… unusual at the Imigrasi. I texted the number I got from Nenggah, hoped for the best and went to the Imigrasi on my scooter relatively early in the morning. The Imigrasi is feared and often hated by many expats. Long waiting queues and a feeling one is completly helpless… Continue reading No Conspiracy-Bullshit Pt. III