I am still a Baby

I mentioned it quite some times already. I am pretty sure I already made big steps in changing my thinking and yes, I am proud on that. I try to think longer before answering, I try to reflect my actions and, maybe most important, I try to forgive and accept.

For a stubborn Bule like me, life in Indonesia offers many Options for that

But so far the theory. In real life I unfortunately struggle a lot with all this. Very often it is easier said than done and its freakin hard, because it means to give up everything, almost all I’ve ever been and many things I thought they were important.

I am still a baby and a beginner on my way.

Lies and broken promises?

I really like my actual place and I don’t want to complain. I also like my actual housekeeper and maybe it is just his Indonesian attitude to only tell me what he thinks I like to hear, but the sheer amount of lies and broken promises starts to take overhand.

I don’t know how long I can take this

To give you some (only a few selection) ideas what I am talking about. His daughter told me “I am here everyday” – I haven’t seen her since Nyepi.

Okay. He told me “I will clean your room as often as you want”. When I asked yesterday he said “I will clean your room tomorrow”=today. Nothing happened.

5 or 6 weeks ago I asked him for a sign at the road, pointing at our villa. As GoJek- and Grabcar-drivers often seem to have problems finding it. Nothing happened so far.

Around the same time I asked for a roof over my porch, because it is a real slippery underwater-zone after a hard rain which is falling down here every day nowadays. Guess what! Nothing happened.

Is it just me?

Not getting adjusted to the Indonesian speed of life? I don’t know…