I am tired of all the compassion I am trying to spread around the people I love. No! Its more accurate to say “I am exhausted by all the compassion…”


I know how important it is to be compassionate. Being compassionate to others and being compassionate to myself is very important for healing. At the moment I feel like there is not much more I can give. I am exhausted.

One of the key-sentences of Guruji is:

Self-acceptance is the key to healing” – I think he is very right. Looking inside myself confirms it as often as modern western science does. Just google for it to understand.

A matter of Trust

In my case, trust is of major importance. In Kuala Lumpur I realized it. Trust in people and situations gives trust me and strongly affects the symptoms of my multiple sclerosis.

One rather cloudy and dark day I wanted to leave my “condo” in KL to get some food, but I broke down after some meters already and had to cancel my idea.

my condo in KL short before the rain sets in

Meanwhile I started to understand it was my distrustfulness. Maybe even more than my disease.