How Indonesian people deal with me having MS

Meanwhile I got in contact with quite many local people and no-one of them, except for some Medicine-Students, has ever even heard of Multiple Sclerosis before I explained them. “Aaah! Like stroke!” is what I heard quite often. “Yah, but a slow one.” is my reaction on that. Than we usually laugh a bit. In… Continue reading How Indonesian people deal with me having MS

Jamu or how the Bali-Magic hit me again

Among so many other things, the famous “Bali-Magic” to me is how often Bali is connecting  lose ends  with each other. Things that don’t make sense being seen as single things/events/people/whatever but putten together  with other lose ends (by Bali so often), they are building up something completely new, big and and maybe even meaningful.… Continue reading Jamu or how the Bali-Magic hit me again

MS-Theories Pt. 3

Now I  am living in Bali (“in Asia”) since 15th of march. Milk- and Gluten-free (important lessons with Böttcher and Jelinek) and more or less without meat (every other week some chicken) or industrial produced food. I am not trusting in any Pharma-related issues or products anymore, only see a doctor in case of emergency… Continue reading MS-Theories Pt. 3

MS-Theories Pt. 2

As I said, I realized pretty soon after my diagnosis, that I couldn’t expect much support from nowadays western medicine. I was looking for cases where MS-patients made it without the, in my opinion helpless, medicine or doctors. As role-models I picked among others Sven Böttcher and George Jelinek because to me they were showing the… Continue reading MS-Theories Pt. 2

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