Downtimes and remarkable Experiences

Downtimes? What Downtimes?

Me and my computer are back! My english keeps getting worse, but after some mental downtime, my hope and confidence are starting to get better again, yay! 

Still mental lows are a, maybe even THE, issue for anybody suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. But now, after my first big depressive episode, I made two experiences, which might change a lot…

Experience 1

DewaOn freakin Facebook I found a really remarkable healing man, who is not just speaking english quite well and deeply understanding his job, but also very reliable and knows my disease. He is not just doing the “standard” healing massage, but is also able to do some “chiropractic”(?) tricks which are feeling great so far. He made it even to improve my balance in just two treatments!

He is that experience I have been hoping to find when I decided to move to the “Island of Gods” in march 2018. I am really excited what magic (he is also deep into the balinese belief of staying in contact with ones ancestors). More about him later.

Experience 2

Some days ago I met a very friendly man sitting on the terrace of Okis brother. We spoke some and when he realized my condition, very soon he said he knows a way to heal me. He spoke of a meditation guru who seems to have made a lot of money, quit his job and offers free meditation-sessions to heal people. Hm.

He also wrote down an internet- and an email-address I should contact. Well, I believe in physical healing going via the mind and so I registered for the next session, which is scheduled for late September at Tanah Lot in Bali.

I am excited and will keep you updated.

Friends, Family and Bali-Magic

I am so happy and lucky for having Oki as a friend and his family (including his parents, siblings, wife and children) as kind of my second family. It’s amazing how much love and support I get from all of them and often enough, I am struggling in giving back all this love. I truely love them all – I would be nothing without them.

The Bali-Magic continues

Today was kind of special though. Oki showed up at my place in the morning and was kind of eager for me going to his brother as fast as possible. He spoke of a friend of his brother who might help me beating my disease, so I putted on a T-Shirt and jumped on the back of Okis scooter to see what what might be waiting for me at his brothers place…


The Decline of my English – Bali-Pidgin

My English in writing and speaking keeps on getting worse and worse. I am living a very local life here, with amazing local people, so I  haven’t spoken to any other white-skinned person since I am here.


So I adapted the English local people are speaking. Kind of “Pidgin” maybe. Let me list some examples: Kuningan-Ceremony in Ubud

– when texting “you” became “u”, “are” becomes “r”, “because” becomes “bcz”, “people” is just “ppl” and, just received it today, “hru”, you guess the meaning.

– when speaking, grammar starts to lose importance and slightly disappears. “The day after tomorrow” turns to “besok dua”, so “tomorrow2”, and time in general becomes just a rough sketch. You might hear “We meet for breakfast tomorrow at 10” which means “Maybe we’ll see each other in the next days for a coffee”. 

I like that and for my stressed out european soul this pure medicine AFTER I got used to it, so please excuse possible mistakes becoming more in the upcoming time and don’t blame me for them, blame the island of gods and its amazing people.