Sirsak and Kasambi-Leaves

When I went out on the more rural-area of Waikabubak to do some walking this morning an older-man strolled over from a house around and asked me what disease I’d have. “MS – Similar to a stroke” I said which became kind of my standard-answer on that question. He looked at me quite long and… Continue reading Sirsak and Kasambi-Leaves

Meeting “the mysterious Man from Austria”

This morning I met “the man from Austria”. He is living in Sumba since over 20 years now and I would definitely say he is more Indonesian than Austrian now. Needless to say that he is fluent in speaking Bahasa and even his thinking seems much more Indonesian than European in any way. He has… Continue reading Meeting “the mysterious Man from Austria”

Waikabubak and the mysterious “man from Austria”

Waikububak is remote. Even for Indonesian people living in Sumba its quite far off the path. But still there is a foreigner here – living here for some years already. He seems to have made “80% bad experiences” here, but he somehow managed to survive and having started the 20%. That is at least what… Continue reading Waikabubak and the mysterious “man from Austria”

Me and the squat-toilet

Well, my first times on a squat-toilet here in Sumba were quite challenging. Saying anything else would be a lie, but after some weeks now I seem to have adjusted. Its still kind of new to me, but thinking of a western standard-toilet is starting to feel strange now. Something deep inside me even seems… Continue reading Me and the squat-toilet