How Indonesian people deal with me having MS

Meanwhile I got in contact with quite many local people and no-one of them, except for some Medicine-Students, has ever even heard of Multiple Sclerosis before I explained them. “Aaah! Like stroke!” is what I heard quite often. “Yah, but a slow one.” is my reaction on that. Than we usually laugh a bit. In… Continue reading How Indonesian people deal with me having MS

MS-Theories Pt. 3

Now I  am living in Bali (“in Asia”) since 15th of march. Milk- and Gluten-free (important lessons with Böttcher and Jelinek) and more or less without meat (every other week some chicken) or industrial produced food. I am not trusting in any Pharma-related issues or products anymore, only see a doctor in case of emergency… Continue reading MS-Theories Pt. 3

MS-Theories Pt. 2

As I said, I realized pretty soon after my diagnosis, that I couldn’t expect much support from nowadays western medicine. I was looking for cases where MS-patients made it without the, in my opinion helpless, medicine or doctors. As role-models I picked among others Sven Böttcher and George Jelinek because to me they were showing the… Continue reading MS-Theories Pt. 2

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So here I am. Kind of living on the Island Of Gods with primary-progredient MS (PPMS) and by 650 € a month. “Kind of” because I am just on a tourist-visa and after the first 2 month I have to extend it at the immigrassi here in Denpasar every month for another month. There are… Continue reading Bali-Bule

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