MS and the power of walking

I am constantly analyzing and trying to improve. 4 days ago I started a rather convenient but new point to my longer and longer daily schedule. I started walking in the mornings. Just 15 to 20 minutes, but without my longtime companion “the walking stick“.

Several reasons for picking up walking again

I learned much about the importance of walking and realized I didn’t walk anymore since… well, since I am here. Its too easy to just jump on my scooter, taking the security of walls, pressing against trees and so on…

Recently I noticed my left leg seemed thinner than the right and thought about it

When I watched a youtube-video about the benefits of walking, I started to understand. Why my left side is loosing its balance so often, why my left side is generally weak, why the muscles on my left leg were decreasing more and more. I guess it was all because I didn’t use my left leg. To me the answer on most of this all lies in my not-walking.

The freakin Mindset

At least I consider the mindset to be extremely important for me. Do u really want to be healthy again? Are you kinda strong enough? Are you ready to start going the long way? Are you ready to break up with the unhealthy habits that u have built up? Are you ready to change?

How is your answer on all these questions?

Can you answer all these questions with a smile and a loud “yes”?

Again: I can see the way

MS isn´t expainable. Nobody knows where its coming from, nobody knows where it may lead to, nobody knows how hard he or she will suffer from it. Maybe the biggest and most important enlightenment I learned in that year in Bali now, is that its affected hugely by ones mindset.

So how do I change my mindset?

Hm. Easier said than done. But I think meditation and learning to love oneself are a good way to start.

Simply meditate and we get healthy again?

Unfortunately no, but it helps. Many other steps have to be done.


I moved to a new place and so far, it feels like a holiday to me and my quite tortured soul.

  • I have got a fridge (just a small one, but isn´t it about the small things in life?)
  • I have got a working AC (I never used it anyway, but in this bloody hot season it´s definitly good to have. My old one didn´t work since 2 or 3 months and didn´t get repaired)
  • I have got some green around me (many trees, a lawn, you name it)
  • it´s quiet, calm and very peaceful
  • I have got a super-friendly local housekeeper and his family to talk to
  • Finally I got a useable and nice looking pool again (though its rather small and not enough room for swimming)
  • I have got some room for doing my daily Yoga-exercise

Another Brick in the Wall

I have been very lucky to find such an experienced, patient and good yoga-teacher like Lisa. Even after my first session and doing a veeeery slow form of Yoga (I its called “Lyengar“) I felt great. Mentally as well as physically.

It was held in a private space (to be more specific on the terrace of a huge and beautiful villa) and in a small group of 5 or 6 people. Unfortunately only once a week. I would feel to do it much more often.

What does the headline of this Posting mean?

In my MS-theory, its another important brick in my wall to fight my Multiple Sclerosis. For my disturbed mind I had the pleasure to meet Guruji Gede Prama and to help (or restore) my body my body I ran into Lisa. Sometimes I feel quite blessed, ain´t I?