MS-Theories Pt.4 – A Manifest

This posting won’t be prominent, as I am having my own theories for MY form of Multiple Sclerosis. Feel free to comment, but don’t expect me to reply to any comment. In 20(?) years with this disease and 6 years after the “official” diagnosis, I have built up my own perspective. Maybe not popular, but MY explanation and MY thoughts on MY disease.

The Cause

Not just in my case, the origin of MS is psychic for me. I am seeing the starting point lying in extreme phases of psychic stress (no matter if it was professional and/or private) and in a special form of personality that in my opinion many patients are having in common.

This stress is taking overhand and manifests in the body. When we see a Doctor about it and get the diagnosis “Multiple Sclerosis”, the stress-factor gets even worse, because we have to realize, that modern medicine can’t help us.

After the Diagnosis

Myelin declines and the disease is getting worse. No help, no pills, no therapy will help us to get out of this misery. We have to find our very own, individual way to get out. That is not easy, in fact its freakin hard.

The potential Way-Out

I hate to say it (I really do), but everyone of us has to find her or his own way. In my theory calming down ones nerves is an important step. Nobody can tell us how to do that, but in my experience meditation, diet and sport are good ways to  get closer to it.

There are thousands of ways to meditate and again its only you who can find your way. The good news is, that there are quite some people we can use as role models. The people I am seeing as an inspiration for myself are Prof. Dr. George Jelinek and Sven Böttcher (among count- and nameless others)

Maybe its most important to realize that its not our finale destiny to end up in some wheelchair and accept it. Its important to see it as maybe  the biggest challenge of our lives, even change our personality if necessary and to not give up the fight.

The answer and the potential solution lies within ourselves and has to come from inside.

New found Joy in Swimming – Fighting my MS Pt. 1

So we’ve got that pool here at JJ Apartments in Renon, Denpasar and the weather is always somewhere between good and great. This pool isn’t very big, maybe 7×3 meters, but its literally 3 steps from my door, so I started swimming in it daily.

I`ve never done that much swimming before in my life. Trusting very much in  Professor Dr. George Jelinek, exercises like swimming are a rather big part in regenerating from multiple sclerosis. I started with yoga quite some time ago back in Europe, but if you ever experienced the atmosphere (and prices) in public baths there, you might understand why going there regularly was never really an option.

The Pool

Anyway I am swimming here now daily several 100 meters since about 6 weeks. Assuming the part of the pool which is deep enough to swim is approximately 5 meters, you can easily count how many turns I have to do, haha

Here is what keeps on happening:

  • my upper body is literally exploding, I never before in my life had shoulders that wide nor a muscular chest like now
  • my stamina improved a lot. While I could do 20 turns (=100m) in the beginning, I am making at least 40 now without having a break.
  • the posture of my body got a lot more upright
  • I am really enjoying my swimming sessions a lot
  • the muscles in my lower back are getting stronger and stronger

I am quite impressed though and have just to wait and see where it will get me in 3 or 4 month from now.