High on Jamu

Jamu is back in my life! Due to Ramadan it was gone for over 2 months,, but since 3 days its back and it feels so good. Sometimes (well, to be honest, quite often) my body is smarter than my brain and letting me know what it needs or what is good for him.


Often it feels just like some kind of craving, like for a cigarette or sweets, but I felt my body screaming when I realized, my jamu-ibu (“Ibu” is Indonesian for “old woman”) is gone for Ramadan and nobody knew if or when she will get back. I simply didn’t understand my body back than, but now he speaks to me so clearly and since I googled the multiple benefits of turmeric and curcumin daily I know why.

The Factor X

I am literally high and sleepless (okay, that’s nothing unusual for me) on my feeling that I might have found my factor X in my search for healing my MS. At least for the moment I trust in

which is pretty close to the principles of my role models and gurus (Indonesian for “teachers”) Sven Böttcher and George Jelinek.

The simple fact of maybe(!) just getting a step further on my way excites me deeply and feels freakin good.

„Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“

My healer is a smart man. Before and after each treatment we are sitting down with each other for several minutes and… talk! Meanwhile I even think we became kind of friends or at least good conversation-buddys. He tells me about his heritage, his family and origin (Bongancino, Central Bali), I tell him about me, my life in Bali and my disease.

Our rather short, but also quite deep Conversations

The following is just an excerpt of our latest conversation, but also a good example for our kind of talks.

He smokes 1, 2 or 3 cigarettes (btw. like 70% of all Indonesian male adults) and I am vaping. Pretty fast our talks are often getting deeper. Today I told him, that in my opinion, my MS has major mental reasons and that I am not sure if I wouldn´t „prefer“ a pure physical form of the disease. He understood and agreed when I said that to deal with ones mind is often the hardest task of all.

My favourite Assistants Assistance

When I told him that I started enforcing my daily meditation practice (simply by meditating more regular and longer), he told me about the indonesian belief, that the body is just the „assistant“ (his words!) of the soul. I smiled and said I would like him to be my „assistents assistance“ in that case. He answered that if my MS would be purely physical, he could help me „100%“.

I got back on my meditation again and told him, I am convinced meditation is the right thing for me to do, as healing massages alone wont make me healthy again. On that, he replied with the words so wise I had to use them as headline for this text

„Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“


Why I prefer to call my MS-Spasms “RLS”

In 97% of all evenings the muscles in my legs decide to go their own way. Doctors (and me!) called this “Spasms“, a classical symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. Two things made me rethink this expression/classification for my case and name this infamous physical behavior RLS, the „Restless Legs Syndrome“.

My first Reason

The maybe biggest reason for my decision is that this symptom in my case is so closely related to the sleep that I got the night before. If I slept long and deep enough, it results in these 3% of nights I am not suffering from RLS.

My second Reason

Balis amazing blue SkyI tried many, many things against these phenomenon. One thing helping is Levodopa (also called L-DOPA), but this is a rather strong pharmaceutical product with many unwanted side-effects (depression and addiction, to name just two), the other things are high-dosed magnesium and “Magnesium-Phosphoricum”.

High-dosed Magnesium has its downsides as well, though not as worse as Levodopa and its considered a natural essence, but flatulencies and semi-diarrhoe are no fun either, so I trust in Magnesium-Phosphoricum.


Magnesium-Phosphoricum or (in Germany) “Schüssler-Salz Nr. 7” contains Magnesium as well of course, but in such a low dose, that scientifically its hard to prove its existence. I am no chemist and actually I don’t have any ambition or interest in this science as important as it surely is, but it helps! 4 Magnesium-Phosphoricum-pills dissolved in my mouth and in 10-15 minutes my legs are calm again.


These are just two of my reasons in not believing in MS-Spasms in my case.

Downtimes and remarkable Experiences

Downtimes? What Downtimes?

Me and my computer are back! My english keeps getting worse, but after some mental downtime, my hope and confidence are starting to get better again, yay! 

Still mental lows are a, maybe even THE, issue for anybody suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. But now, after my first big depressive episode, I made two experiences, which might change a lot…

Experience 1

DewaOn freakin Facebook I found a really remarkable healing man, who is not just speaking english quite well and deeply understanding his job, but also very reliable and knows my disease. He is not just doing the “standard” healing massage, but is also able to do some “chiropractic”(?) tricks which are feeling great so far. He made it even to improve my balance in just two treatments!

He is that experience I have been hoping to find when I decided to move to the “Island of Gods” in march 2018. I am really excited what magic (he is also deep into the balinese belief of staying in contact with ones ancestors). More about him later.

Experience 2

Some days ago I met a very friendly man sitting on the terrace of Okis brother. We spoke some and when he realized my condition, very soon he said he knows a way to heal me. He spoke of a meditation guru who seems to have made a lot of money, quit his job and offers free meditation-sessions to heal people. Hm.

He also wrote down an internet- and an email-address I should contact. Well, I believe in physical healing going via the mind and so I registered for the next session, which is scheduled for late September at Tanah Lot in Bali.

I am excited and will keep you updated.

Friends, Family and Bali-Magic

I am so happy and lucky for having Oki as a friend and his family (including his parents, siblings, wife and children) as kind of my second family. It’s amazing how much love and support I get from all of them and often enough, I am struggling in giving back all this love. I truely love them all – I would be nothing without them.

The Bali-Magic continues

Today was kind of special though. Oki showed up at my place in the morning and was kind of eager for me going to his brother as fast as possible. He spoke of a friend of his brother who might help me beating my disease, so I putted on a T-Shirt and jumped on the back of Okis scooter to see what what might be waiting for me at his brothers place…