Deconstructing Bali

Bali has a unique culture, it’s stunningly beautiful and home of maybe the most friendly and open-minded people in Indonesia. Mass-Tourism and Money have destroyed a lot of Bali In my opinion after living there for 1,5 years, not much is left of this once so unique island and its culture. Instagram, business and higher… Continue reading Deconstructing Bali

Learning to walk again with MS

Its hard and definitely not easy, but I keep on learning. This morning I tried to “run” again and realized very quick (to be more specific “at the first step”) my body seems to have forgotten how running works. So I decided to give me and my body more time. Its all baby-steps, you know?… Continue reading Learning to walk again with MS

Where your day ends, my night starts

You remember the MS-spasms I am suffering from? I thought they almost left for good, thanks to the meditation, but like an old friend does sometimes, they started to show up again to show me I am not forgotten and bother me around bed-time quite bad.