Sirsak and Kasambi-Leaves

When I went out on the more rural-area of Waikabubak to do some walking this morning an older-man strolled over from a house around and asked me what disease I’d have.

“MS – Similar to a stroke”

I said which became kind of my standard-answer on that question. He looked at me quite long and intense. Then he said: “Oh, for that we use a sirsak- and kasambi-leaves-tea. No worries.”

Rural Sumba
Rural Sumba around Wakabubak

I don’t know each of this plants. I tried sirsak as a juice once and it tasted good but a bit sour, it felt like there was a lot of Vitamin C in it. Not especially very delicious, but not bad and probably healthy.

But I never heard of Kasambi

I googled it of course and found rarely google-entries in english. Most of the results were in Bahasa Indonesia, but what i understood it seems to be what I call a “health-bomb” meanwhile. I don’t expect sensational healing of course, but it won’t harm me and I am can’t wait to brew that tea!

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