The sound of my walking stick falling down

Its a rather strange phenomenon, but the sound of my walking stick falling down somewhere (which happens minimum twice a day), has a remarkable effect on local people. Whatever it is that they are doing at that moment they hear it, the stick (or rather the sound of my stick) hitting the floor, immediately gets their full attention.

My walking stick

What happens when they hear it?

They are very eager to pick it up and almost argue who of them can do me that favor to put it back in the place where it fell down from. Most of the time it just slips down from wherever I leaned it, so its not a big thing, but its getting the attention of, lets say 80 of 100 people in a room.

80 pairs of eyes are looking where that sound came from, 80 people are ready to jump and protect their fictive child or grab their prey, 80 people are ready to let their full glas fall down if necessary or jump up from the dinner table when they hear this metallized sound.

Why that?

Honestly I got no idea. It feels like this sound is hitting an ancient instinct or reflex to help deep inside them.

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