Kuala Lumpur and me

I am on my so-called “visa-run” in Kuala Lumpur now. I booked a great place on a platform I don’t want to mention here, but you all probably know it. The place is quite good, the pool(s) are great, but probably Kuala Lumpur and me will never be best friends.

Why not? What is it you don’t like there?

Kula Lumpur is a mega-hot and mega-big megacity. Maybe its simply that. KL is very dirty and very hectic (probably like most cities classified as megacities), but maybe the reason is in my head like so many things of my disease are.

Kuala Lumpur-Pool

How do you mean?

I was negative about my visa-run. I expected it to be annoying, hot and hectic, that may be the reason why it became exactly that. Some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy

Like so many things, fears and negative expectations seem to become true in Multiple Sclerosis.

What to do about it?

In my opinion meditation and generally calming down ones mind might help. Unfortunately I failed to get it in my stubborn German mind so far. Maybe it would have changed this whole trip.

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