Bali surprises me every Day

Maybe its related to the fact that local people normally don’t plan anything. They just take life day by day. To me stubborn German it means on the downside that I cannot rely on anything. Maybe something happens like announced or it doesn’t. End of the story.

So every new day is a surprise. No possibility to see what will happen. Will, my only white friend (and fellow MS-patient) once wrote in his blog “I don’t plan my days, my days plan me” and it’s true. I couldn’t find better words.

How do you get along with that?

To me as a natural born German (dunno if one can say like that, haha) Indonesian living is quite the opposite of how I used to live, but sure, I am living on the other side of the world now and I see it as a part of my healing process! (never forget the big goal, right?)

I have to learn and accept that I only (maybe!) influence very small parts of the upcoming day. Mostly defined by my own rituals, haha Maybe that’s one reason why I am so afraid of changing any of my habits. Losing control and “letting go”.

That sounds familiar to us

It is exactly a part of what Guruji is proclaiming and once again I think he’s right!

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