A dark month of suffering and pain

Early December 2018 I fell hard on my back in my bathroom. Well, I should be more precise, because it was much more than simple “falling”. In the night I went to see my bathroom, but just turned on the light in my kitchen (which is normally enough to light the bathroom as well)

Anyway I lost balance, slammed hard with the side of my head on the wall on the other side of the room, slid down along the wall with my face and crashed on the concrete floor on my back. That is when I must have gotten unconscious.

The next day

Next thing I remember is waking up on my bed being unable to even stretch out my arm to reach my mobile. Luckily I had a bucket really close to my bed which I could use to pee in. It must have been the evening of day 2 without food or water when I managed to pick my mobile and check for help.

I couldn’t sit or even roll myself on my other side. It hurted when I tried to use or type on my computer, so I was really happy about the touchpads of my tablet.

I ran out of a health insurance in December, so I couldn’t simply call an ambulance. Luckily I had been in good contact with Guruji Gede Pramas daughter and Komang during the days before my bathroom-incident, so I whatsapped them and my rescuing process began.

Day 3

In the afternoon Komang showed up and he wasn’t alone. He brought some Nasi Goreng and started to feed me, because I still couldn’t move. 20 minutes after Komang there showed up a doctor who just asked me to move my feet and gave me paracetamol which was supposed to help me with my immense pain. She didn’t (dare) to speak English, so I wouldn’t call it a real consultation, but anyway I was really happy for somebody showing up.

They didn’t only bring me medicine (unfortunatly quite ineffective) but bread, sweets and many other things. So I was at least save from starving.

All of this took place early December,

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