The Pleasure of meeting Komang

I just came back from meeting my good friend Komang (and his wife for the first time, her name is also Komang). Komang has been my designated and very helpful shadow at the Gurus recent event in Tanah Lot and we got along very well.

What is a “designated Shadow”?

Honestly I don’t know. He just showed up at the first day of the “Meditation Batch”, helped me where he could and never left my side in the time there. His English is quite okay and one time he mentioned he “would get in trouble” if anything would happen to me. When I asked “by whom?” he would get in trouble his answer was just “you don’t need to know”. 

So I accepted him as part of the so-called “Bali-Magic” and didn’t ask anymore.

Sorry, but we don´t get it!

Welcome to the club, I don’t get it at all either. All I know and can say about him is, that he is a very skinny, always smiling and joking, helpful person. He works as a driver and tourist guide, has 2 young children (boys) and a very nice wife. He’s living in a village close to Ubud and I don’t think somebody is paying him in any way to take care of me, neither he wants or accepts any money I am offering to him, today he even paid my Kacang-Snack (fresh, non roasted Peanuts) and my parking fee.

Still it was a big pleasure for me seeing him again today. He offered me not just to stay at his place for free, but also to drive me to the next Meditation-Event in Lovina, high up in the north of Bali.

So he might be related to the Guru?

In some form I am pretty sure he is, even though I don’t think Guru Gede Prama or his team is paying him. When I said that I didn’t get any confirmation mail so I cannot guarantee me taking part in the upcoming event in Lovina, he just laughed and said “I am sure you will” and quoted the Guru by saying

“Beautiful souls will meet in the beautiful garden of Lovina”.

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