Just a question of Time / Saya banyak Sakit (I am very sick)

I am sick. I guess the daughter of my preferred lunch place infected me and now I got the disease that struck her down for almost a week. In Europe we would probably call it just a severe cold, but here in the heat and in combination with my Multiple Sclerosis it feels much worse.

Now what to do about it?

I don’t know, but my choices are limited and so I decided for the classical way of sleeping a lot and drinking lots of water. Fortunately the food-delivery-service makes it rather easy to get food, unfortunately its not easy to get food like a simple salad, which my body is longing for.

One week in bed, what’s the Problem with it?

The main problem for me is that I can’t do swimming nor meditation. For both I am really longing. I hope in maybe two days I will be able to pick up my usual rhythm again.

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