Everything is leading together

Balinese healers speak of “Tekanan Batin” and that the brain is like a computer, which needs to be set back on level 0, back to the healthy state we were born with.

Guru Gede Prama´s “Meditation Batch” is focussed on compassion, not just for others, but also for oneself, I heard of sheets about compassion handed out to their patients by Swedish psychotherapists and on and on…

Basically all are saying the same

The key to healing lies within every Multiple Sclerosis-patient him- or herself. Also my favorite (and healed) Australian Professor Dr. George jelinek and German icon (and healed) Sven Böttcher are pointing in the same direction.

What about the other healing-Ingredients?

Sports and nutrition are very important to help the damaged body getting back on track, but only in combination with “massages for the soul“, they are working!

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