Nothing is easier to give up

Its incredibly easy to give up meditation. At least I don’t see anything getting worse or any other negative effect when giving up and I gave up often. I made it part of my daily routine and was really eager on doing meditation for quite some time, but its maybe simply too easy to skip it and never get into that routine again.


Maybe its all on having the right mindset. Now I understand a lot better how important is for healing and after 3 or 4 months of daily practice, I am starting to feel benefits from it. One could say 30 minutes of meditation gives me balance and strength for 2 or 3 hours.  It slows down my „anxiety-disorders“ (? never realized or knew I had something like that, but it appears to be a rather typical MS-symptom) for… maybe the same amount of time.

Everyone is different though

One should never generalize the effects of meditation (its always wrong to generalize, I know), but the relatively new found benefits encourage me to stick with it a lot.

You wanna OM with me?

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