MS – How and why I try to change my way of Thinking

Everyday I am more and more convinced, that the impact of my mind on my Multiple Sclerosis and the condition of my body is scientifically completely underrated. Bali, its wonderful people and the book I am actually reading (the German title is “Du bist das Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza – his marketing is horror, that’s why I won’t link to him, you will find a lot about him if you decide to search) are very important points in  thinking like that.

“Body follows Mind”

My medicine-student-neighbor Robert (local 19 year old boy with western name) confirmed smiling when I told him about this part of my recovering plan. 

Bali vs. Europe

While I get a lot of support for all of my ideas to get out of this disease in Bali if I speak to people about it, I can’t help but thinking of all the skepticism from people in Europe. Is it because of the much more spreaded knowledge about Multiple Sclerosis in the western world? Is it because of the much higher and stronger belief in higher mental power in Asia? Is the asian view on life generally more optimistic than in sceptic old Europe?

If so, why?

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