„Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“

My healer is a smart man. Before and after each treatment we are sitting down with each other for several minutes and… talk! Meanwhile I even think we became kind of friends or at least good conversation-buddys. He tells me about his heritage, his family and origin (Bongancino, Central Bali), I tell him about me, my life in Bali and my disease.

Our rather short, but also quite deep Conversations

The following is just an excerpt of our latest conversation, but also a good example for our kind of talks.

He smokes 1, 2 or 3 cigarettes (btw. like 70% of all Indonesian male adults) and I am vaping. Pretty fast our talks are often getting deeper. Today I told him, that in my opinion, my MS has major mental reasons and that I am not sure if I wouldn´t „prefer“ a pure physical form of the disease. He understood and agreed when I said that to deal with ones mind is often the hardest task of all.

My favourite Assistants Assistance

When I told him that I started enforcing my daily meditation practice (simply by meditating more regular and longer), he told me about the indonesian belief, that the body is just the „assistant“ (his words!) of the soul. I smiled and said I would like him to be my „assistents assistance“ in that case. He answered that if my MS would be purely physical, he could help me „100%“.

I got back on my meditation again and told him, I am convinced meditation is the right thing for me to do, as healing massages alone wont make me healthy again. On that, he replied with the words so wise I had to use them as headline for this text

„Meditation is like a Massage for the Soul“


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