Why I prefer to call my MS-Spasms “RLS”

In 97% of all evenings the muscles in my legs decide to go their own way. Doctors (and me!) called this “Spasms“, a classical symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. Two things made me rethink this expression/classification for my case and name this infamous physical behavior RLS, the „Restless Legs Syndrome“.

My first Reason

The maybe biggest reason for my decision is that this symptom in my case is so closely related to the sleep that I got the night before. If I slept long and deep enough, it results in these 3% of nights I am not suffering from RLS.

My second Reason

Balis amazing blue SkyI tried many, many things against these phenomenon. One thing helping is Levodopa (also called L-DOPA), but this is a rather strong pharmaceutical product with many unwanted side-effects (depression and addiction, to name just two), the other things are high-dosed magnesium and “Magnesium-Phosphoricum”.

High-dosed Magnesium has its downsides as well, though not as worse as Levodopa and its considered a natural essence, but flatulencies and semi-diarrhoe are no fun either, so I trust in Magnesium-Phosphoricum.


Magnesium-Phosphoricum or (in Germany) “Schüssler-Salz Nr. 7” contains Magnesium as well of course, but in such a low dose, that scientifically its hard to prove its existence. I am no chemist and actually I don’t have any ambition or interest in this science as important as it surely is, but it helps! 4 Magnesium-Phosphoricum-pills dissolved in my mouth and in 10-15 minutes my legs are calm again.


These are just two of my reasons in not believing in MS-Spasms in my case.

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