Jamu or how the Bali-Magic hit me again

Among so many other things, the famous “Bali-Magic” to me is how often Bali is connecting  lose ends  with each other. Things that don’t make sense being seen as single things/events/people/whatever but putten together  with other lose ends (by Bali so often), they are building up something completely new, big and and maybe even meaningful.

To me thats one of Balis most amazing “features”. Let me give you a simple example.

Everyday early in the morning an old woman is showing up here, wearing a big basket on her back, filled with plastic bottles containing a rather hard to define orange(?) liquid. Altogether I guess she’s carrying 20 kilos through the heat. I tried to speak to her once, but she didn’t speak or understand a single word of english and, try it yourself, its kind of hard to explain more complex things just by using hand and feet.

Anyway it turned out to be Jamu (German Link / English Link), a traditional Indonesian medicine. Consisting mostly of Kunyit (Kurkuma) and Jahe (ginger) and some factor X. My neighbor spoke of “kencur” and many other things which are definitely healthy to any body.


The mentioned neighbor has a 3 month old baby and buys the Jamu every day. In her rather poor english she explained me that it seems to be very important for breastfeeding her baby and offered me to buy another bottle for me as well every day. Its just 5000 rupiah (around 0,30 Euro-Cent), the appearance of the old lady is much ahead of my wake-up-time and Jamu a welcome  addition to my daily food-plan (not to mention it fits very well in my budget.)

Thank you, Bali-Magic for another step on the road.

UPDATE 18.05.18:

I didn’t know that during Ramadan many Muslim-people living in Bali are seeing their families on Java during that month, so many warungs are closed and much of the public living goes on a break as well. Unfortunately my Jamu-dealer-woman won’t be here either and I have to look for another source…


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