So here I am.

Kind of living on the Island Of Gods with primary-progredient MS (PPMS) and by 650 € a month. “Kind of” because I am just on a tourist-visa and after the first 2 month I have to extend it at the immigrassi here in Denpasar every month for another month. There are literally thousands of well-informed Blog-Postings about the different visa you can get, to tell you about these isn´t my concern.

“Bule” is the indonesian word for “white-skinned foreigner” and nowadays its not really meant disrespectful anymore.

“Kind of living” also because I am just here since 15th of march, so not long enough to say I am really living here in my opinion. I call it “living with open-end”.

I have been here for an internship-semester in 2016 the first time and got fascinated by Balis culture and its people. Also I got my own theory for my MS – how I got it, what are the reasons behind it and some ideas how to get hopefully rid of it on the other side of the  world. In my theory(!) Bali offers the possibilities for that. I will explain these ideas in a later post.

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